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 Donation from a Charter Oaks resident 

The Kings Park Community Association recently received a $5,000 donation from a Charter Oaks resident to help fund a new stone wall entrance sign at the corner of Twins Oaks Drive and Sunken Meadow Road.
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Demand Return of $198.5 Million to County Sewer Fund for Drinking Water Protection & Tax Stabilization

In order to evade two court orders to return $183.5 million to the sewer fund and pilfer an additional $15 million from its reserves ($198.5 million total), Mr. Bellone put a deceptively worded proposition on the ballot in 2020 (pictured above), which voters unwittingly and narrowly approved. Now, because the sewer fund has been depleted by Mr. Bellone, the county is illegally increasing sewer taxes and fees 452% just before the district’s expansion to downtown Kings Park gets underway.
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Help Stop Illegal 452% Increase in Your Sewer Taxes/Fees

This spring, at the tail end of a pandemic, Suffolk County adopted a plan to raise sewer rates in our community 452% over what is legally permissible. The county claims we have been underpaying for sewer services ever since the Kings Park State Hospital closed in 1996, and they now want us to pay the difference.
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Kings Park Solar Farm Powers Up

A 27-acre privately owned landfill on Old Northport Road in Kings Park, which was once used by the Town of Smithown for their municipal waste and later became a golf driving range until 2017, is now home to a 4 megawatt solar farm that can power up to 1,000 homes.
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