Demand Return of $198.5 Million to County Sewer Fund for Drinking Water Protection & Tax Stabilization

In order to evade two court orders to return $183.5 million to the sewer fund and pilfer an additional $15 million from its reserves ($198.5 million total), County Executive Bellone put a deceptively worded proposition on the ballot in 2020 (pictured above), which voters unwittingly and narrowly approved. Now, because the sewer fund has been depleted by Mr. Bellone, the county is illegally increasing sewer taxes and fees 452% just before the district’s expansion to downtown Kings Park gets underway.

This increase, spread out over 9 years, will result in the average homeowner paying an additional $3,500 in sewer costs during this time period and will reach an extra $700 per year alone by 2030.

To stop this illegal increase in your sewer rates and force the return of $198.5 million to the sewer fund, the Kings Park Community Association, in partnership with the Pine Barrens Society, has hired the attorney who wrote the legislation capping sewer taxes and fees at 3% per year to represent us. We have already raised $25,000, but we’ll need additional funding to be successful. If each homeowner were to contribute just $100, we’re confident we can win this fight. 

By donating today, you can save your family thousands of dollars over the next several years and help protect our drinking water today and for future generations.


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